BJ0006 Diabetic foot ware


Protective interior

The interior of a diabetic shoe is made with soft material and with no stitching,as sometimes even the smallest prominence can irritate and cause skin breakdown in diabetic foot.


Non-Binding Uppers

The upper of the shoe should be soft and with no overlays across the bunions to eliminate pressure points.


Stretchable Uppers

In case where extra protection is needed,it is recomended to use shoes with stretchable uppers that shape to the contours of the deformed feet , and help comforn pressure points.


Orthotic Support

Diabetic shoe’s features special insoles that provide support to the reach, conform to the contours of the foot and reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot.


Extra Depth Design

The shoes are made with extra depth to accomadate diabetic insoles and offer loose,pressue.


Deep Toe-Box

Offering extra room for the toes, including deformed toes such as hammertoes.


Multiple Width

Diabetic shoes are available in range of widths to improve fit and protection.


Fuctional Soles

Diabetic shoes feature light weight soles with a special design ,that facilities mobility.


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